Lars Schlosser - i paint

I am Lars Schlosser, the artist who created all the abstract acrylic paintings you see on

All the work on display has been handpainted by me. Each of my paintings is unique and largely conveys my devotion and passion for abstract design.

During my training as a stonemason, I developed stone cutting and sculpting techniques. I have followed this passion professionally to this date. In 2004, further to this passion, I discovered my interest in colours. For me, that year opened a door to a completely new and exciting world. The different abstract painting techniques seem tailor-made for me. Art has been a part of my life ever since.

I started painting in my living room back in 2004. In 2005, I managed to sell one of my paintings for the first time. I still like to think back to this great moment because, from that moment on, my pictures were also recognized outside my family and friends circle.

Today, my pictures can be found in apartments and offices not only in Germany, but also in 18 countries. Thank you so much for this recognition.

Since then, abstract painting has accompanied me through all stages of my life. I'm living my colour dream.

Do you have any questions or would like further information on my work? Write to me - I am looking forward to it.

Let life follow its course and willingly accept any unexpected turns...

This quotation stands for the philosophy of my activity. I let my imagination run free and bring the emerging ideas to the canvas.

Using the most different materials, forms and colours, I endeavour to produce something special. My ideas and content statements should lead the viewer through new worlds expressed in the abstraction.

My work characterises in its intensive colour design and the partly plastic effect of the pictures, achieved through the use of different materials.

This creates a unique interplay between colours and shapes.

For the love of contrast

Upon looking at my paintings, the viewer soon acknowledges my preference for strong and intense colour palettes. In my view, this allows influencing people's emotions with ease.

Be inspired and find your painting!